World Abakus Mental Arithmetic Olympiad
Results of the World Olympiad
Geniuses from
across the World
Our contestants are from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, UK, US and many more countries.
World Abakus Olympiad 2021
Abakus Europe invites every lovers of mental arithmetic to take part in the olympiad
May 22-23
Any time
1 stage
Abacus Calculation
(mental calculation is acceptable)
4 minutes
2 stage
Abacus Calculation
(mental calculation is acceptable)
4 minutes
3 stage
Abacus Calculation
(mental calculation is acceptable)
4 minutes
4 stage
Mental Calculation
2 minutes
5 stage
Mental Calculation
2 minutes
Certificate of participation
and diplomas for winners
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World Abakus Olympiad 2021
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World Abakus Olympiad 2021
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Photo by Jacob
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Olympiad Days
May 22-23, 2021
From April 26
From April 26
May 1 - May 21
May 1 - May 21
Preparation using the Demo tests
May 20
at 11 PM (CET)
May 20
at 11 PM (CET)
Registration Deadline
May 22-23
May 22-23
Competition days
May 28
May 28
Motivate with Competitions
Preparing for and taking part in Abakus Competitions is of great benefit to your child!
Showcase Your Skills
Olympiad provides a great platform to display the knowledge and skills you have amassed over the years.
Broaden Your Horizons
Online Olympiad offers you a chance to compete with other students from your country
Gain Experience
World Olympiad Abakus 2021 can prove to be a great source of self-evaluation for students and help nurture their experience further.
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The Deadline is May 20 at 11 PM (CET)
Frequently asked questions
How can I start running tests online?
Our online tests will be hosted on a special Abakus platform. Everyone who registers will receive a login and password and also a video tutorial on using the platform.
Can I participate in more than one category?
No, you can't. Each participant can only participate in one category. People who take part in more than one category will be disqualified.
How can I pay?
After registration, the system will redirect you to the payment page.
If technical problems arise during the Olympiad, will it be possible to re-pass the test?
Each participant must record his test. If there are any unexpected situations, we will ask you to send the recording. After it has been verified and authenticated, the commission may allow the participant to re-pass the test. You can find more information on how to record a test in our rules.
Where can I find information about the course of each stage, types of tasks, points?
All information can be found in the RULES tab of the "Documents and Tasks" section.
Can one count mentally during the first three stages?
Yes, the mental calculation is acceptable during stage 1-3.
Who is eligible to participate in the Competition?
The World Abakus Olympiad is available to everybody older than 5 years old. There's a group for Adults so teachers could also compete with each other.
When can I take part in the Olympiad?
The World Abakus Olympiad will be available on May 22-23. You can complete the tasks at any time.
When will the demo tests be available?
The demo tests are available on the olympiad platform after registering and completing the payment.
When is the Registration deadline?
The registration deadline is on May 20 at 11 PM (CET)
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