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Design and multimedia academy
November, 22 / 2018
About the conference
We'll talk about digital products, innovations in educational sphere, blogging and teaching
Alliance is the 4th annual Tech conference for meeting of professionals from IT, digital media, development and industry fans. We meet to share ideas, promote and exposure new serveices and products, share experience and attract investors.

Anyone can take part in a conference
We will award tech companies in educationsphere
We invited best speakers to share their experience
We invited over 30 spekers from tech industries of education and marketing to talk about real cases
Linda Lison
Simon Light / founder
Ivan Chiba
Samscara / founder and teacher of the studio
Dave Rusim
Dulars Project / Partner
Mark Walsh
Uniteck / Sales director
Helen Marque
Uniteck / Head marketer
Nata Savina
Smolensk Group /Ffinancial director
Gregory Louse
Lead Mania / SMM strategish
Mark Dorsy
Sales Group / Head of a Berlin office
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What's on the agenda
Nonember, 22 / 2018 - Design and multimedia academy
Spekers will share stories from their best practices, cases of their innovative products and services. Sergey Ivanov will talk about promotion experiences in different companies. Simona Reiss will tell about products dvelopement in EdTech.
Conference lead Alexander Luchta will tell about models of educational systems and practices in Lassa
Helen Malian will talk about presentation techniques and tools. There will be cases about "How presentation changed our advertising strategies" and "How to present new programs which people believe in"
Sahra May about ups and downs in profession, searching of personal style and approach. Also there will be a conversation of controversial points in whole conception of design like: what if it is not so hot replica of decree of nature?
How to create an idea, form a team and attract first clients to new brand.
Experience of Mike Sandov in creating and opening first worldwide marathon of generating of ideas. LifeTech company will present CIN App and will tell about what the start point was.
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Video from the conference, workshops, free coffee and snacks, discussion of topics.
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Video from the conference, workshops, free coffee and snacks, discussion of topics.
140 EUR / 170 EUR
Video from the conference, workshops, free coffee and snacks, discussion of topics, afterparty, e-mail support, interview with speakers.
Where will the conference be held
November, 22 / 2018
Eschenheimer Anlage 21, / Media & Design centre
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The conference will be held on the 16th level of the Business Gallery. Reach 16th level and turn right. The Conference is in C23 hall. There is a free parking for guests on the territory of our business gallery.
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